Homer's horses
Apollo with his bow
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This website-under-construction offers several features:

  1. a map of ideas of the Iliad in the form of a 'thematic structure'. It is meant to bring out a pattern of large- and small scale thematic symmetries encompassing the whole poem, presented as a hierarchical tree-structure i.e. an expandable list.
  2. A new interpretation of the Iliad based on this structure.
  3. The Greek text plus a translation of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey plus Hesiod's Theogony and Works & Days. Greek text and translation are linked to each other by clicking on the line numbers.
  4. a search engine and study tool which can select words or lines containing a given word from the Greek text or the translation and bookmark them, or perform an instant lookup in the Perseus database for meaning or grammatical form.
  5. small extra's such as a load/savable notepad with a betacode-converter. Also load/savable bookmarks.
  6. If opened by a up-to-date browser (not Firefox), the pages can be made into a progressive web app. This means all the pages are cached so they do not have to be reloaded and the app can be used offline (recommended).

Thematic structure

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    Greek texts and their translations provided by Perseus Digital Library, with funding from The Annenberg CPB/Project. Original version available for viewing and download at Perseus.

    Greek word lookup provided by the Perseus Word Study Tool.

    All other texts, unless otherwise indicated:

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